The Excellence Score was created to evaluate the reputation of a courier as an independent professional, based on how customers rated them upon receiving their orders. It was also created in response to a lot of requests from couriers because if every courier has access to all slots at the same time, then there will be a surplus of couriers available for the number of orders.

The score is a number between 1 and 100, and you need at least 50 orders to have it.
This means that if you are a new courier, you won’t have an Excellence Score until you complete 50 orders. Once you reach those 50 orders, your score will be calculated taking into account the parameters below. You can always check your score in your app profile, and you will also have access to different slots depending on this. “

“Your Excellence Score refreshes every day and collects all the information related to Partners, customers and your own service.
It depends of the following parameters:”

High demand slots

“High demand slots are slots chosen by Partners during which they forecast a high amount of orders. They communicate this to Glovo, and the platform enables slots based on that. Delivering orders during these hours increases your Excellence Score. To calculate how the high demand slots affect your score, the system adds up all the orders that you have accepted during high demand slots in the past 28 days. Keep in mind that it’s the moment you accept the order that counts, not when you finish it. If you are inactive for 7 or more days, the app will understand that you are having a break and will keep your score due to high demand slots until you are back, so your Excellence Score won’t drop.”

Partner rating

Partners can also rate couriers after each order. You start with 5 points. For each bad rating from a Partner you lose 1 point. If you don’t receive any bad rating for 50 orders in a row, you will get back your points. Partners are really happy and positive towards kind Couriers.

Customer rating

Customers can rate their experience with your service after each order. Only bad ratings, such as incorrect product handling or being rude, can decrease your score. If you receive a bad rating due some of those reasons, your Excellence Score will decrease by 3 points. If in your next 50 orders you don’t receive a single bad rating, you will recover your score.


“The efficiency reflects your activity during the slots that you booked. Reassignments won’t affect your Score.
If you have the auto-acceptance mode turned on, your efficiency score will increase and also your amount of orders. It’s entirely up to you!

Orders history

This section of the score measures how long you have been providing services through the platform, compared to the rest of Couriers in your city, and increases as long as you deliver orders. It’s a division between two numbers:

  1. The number of orders you have delivered (this number will never decrease).
  2. The average number of orders that couriers have delivered in your city (this number differs from city to city).
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