The Waiting Time is the time you spend at the pick up point waiting for your order. The time starts counting when you are 100 meters from the pick up location. For this reason, the first 5 minutes are not counted.

For example:
if in the summary of an order there is a waiting time of 7 minutes in the establishment, you will be paid 2 minutes (7 minutes less the first 5 minutes that do not count).

The number of km you have made in an order is automatically calculated by Google Maps:

  1. The shortest route from the point where you received the order, to the collection point.
  2. The shortest route from the pick up point to the delivery point.

You will always be paid for the shortest route displayed by Google Maps, regardless of the route you take.

If you think the system has made a mistake calculating your waiting time, you can make a request for it to be reviewed. You just need to contact our support team through the app. Go to your profile, click on “contact support” and follow this path: Earnings > Invoice > Payment information > Waiting time > select the order you want reviewed.

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