We wanna present you Gloyalty: our loyalty programme for couriers. By accumulating points in the Glover App, couriers will be able to exchange points for discounts and benefits.

We’re going to explain you how it works:


-How to earn points:

For some actions you do, you’ll be receiving points. Take a look at the table below to see it.

-How to see my points

The points will be updated weekly on Mondays, to check your points you can do it through in three different ways:

1. In the weekly newsletter sent by Glovo

You’ll have a specific block with your accumulated points.

2. Monthly e-mail sent by Glovo with “Gloyalty” as the subject

We’ll send you a monthly email with all the points you’ve accumulated.

3. In the user profile tab on the Motivizer website.

Log into the the Motivizer website with the credentials that you have received through email and go to your profile.


– How to exchange your points

The platform that you’ll use to exchange your points is called Motivizer,  a partnership company through which users can access benefits and discounts for multiple categories and brands online.

To exchange points, you must log in to the Motivizer website with the credentials that you have received through email with subject “Witaj w gronie Motivizer.pl”.

With this access, log in to the Motivizer website. Browse different categories, select a benefit you want, add it to your shopping cart and complete the process.

Click here to see the handbook where we explain you how the platform works.


These are some of the partners where you can exchange your points and receive discounts.


What happens if an order I was delivering gets is cancelled by user? Will I get points in Gloyalty?

You will only get Gloyalty points when the order is successfully delivered to the customer

If I don’t have enough points to get a specific discount / benefit. Can I pay the difference myself?

Yes, if you don’t want to wait to accumulate more points, you can use your current points and pay the difference using your PayU account.

What should I do if I don’t receive the email from Motivizer with my credentials?

Check your e-mail and the spam inbox, you should have received an email with this subject “Witaj w gronie Motivizer.pl”. If you don’t find it, please contact us through this form and we’ll help you.

How much do I earn in Polish Zloty for 1 point in Gloyalty?

1 point in Gloyalty is equal to 0,1 PLN.


Terms and conditions availables here