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What is the excellence system?

If all of the couriers had access to all slots at all times, there would be too many couriers connected at once, meaning you’d have fewer orders available to you.

To avoid this, and to make sure you get enough orders when you’re connected, access to slots is limited to a certain number of couriers. Each courier has an Excellence Score, which determines which couriers have priority when reserving slots. The higher your Excellence Score, the sooner you’ll have access to the slots.

How is the Excellence Score calculated?

The score is a number from 1 to 100, and comes into effect once you’ve delivered 50 orders. That means that if you’re a new courier, you won’t have an Excellence Score until you’ve delivered 50 orders. Whilst you’re delivering orders your Excellence Score will be calculated, but won’t come into effect. That is to say, you will have access to booking slots at the same time as average couriers in your city. Once you’ve reached 50 orders, your Excellence Score will come into effect. You will be able to see your score on your profile on the app, and you’ll have access to slots according to your Excellence score.

Your Excellence Score will update every morning, taking information from Partners, Clients and the Platform. The Excellence Platform is made up of your Client Ratings, Efficiency, Partner Ratings, Peak Slots selected by the Partner, and time working with Glovo. Some of these parameters count for more than others. You can see a description of each parameter and their weight in the image below.

Customer Rating

Clients can rate their experience after each order. Only poor ratings due to poor transport of the product or the bad attitude of the courier can reduce your Excellence Score.

Couriers that are nice to Clients receive more positive ratings (and more tips!)

Time working with Glovo

This score measures how much of a veteran you are compared to the rest of the couriers in your city, and increases as you fulfil more orders. It’s the division of two numbers:

  1. The number of orders that you’ve done (this number will never go down)
  2. The average number of orders that the most veteran couriers in your city have done (this can change from city to city)

Partner Rating

Partners can rate couriers after every order. Poor ratings reduce your Partner Rating. Couriers who are pleasant and respectful towards Partners will get better ratings.

Peak Slots

Peak Slots are selected by Partners, depending on when they expect to receive the most orders. Doing orders during these slots increases your Excellence Score.

If you go 7 days or more without doing any orders, the app will understand that you’re taking a break, so your Peak Slots score will be frozen, meaning it won’t go down.


Your Efficiency score increases when you collaborate during the slots that you have picked. Having auto-accept mode activated helps you with this and increase your Efficiency.