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You have 3 channels of communication with Glovo open to you: email, Chat Support, and in-person help at the office. Due to the large number of couriers, there’s no telephone helpline. Below, you can see when you should use each channel.

Chat Support

For anything related to the order that you’re delivering at the time. Remember that you can also contact the Client.

E.g. The client asks to cancel the order, you’ve got a puncture and you can’t continue with the order, the Partner is closed, etc…


For general questions and complaints, you can send an email to

E.g. There’s an error on the invoice, there’s an error with the calculation of km, questions about how Glovo works, etc.

Help at the office

For anything more complex, or things you haven’t been able to sort out by email. To save time, we recommend you always try and resolve your questions/problems via email, and only visit the offices if your case hasn’t been sorted out by email. You can find the address of the office in your city here.