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How to book slots

The calendar is opened twice a week:

– On Mondays, you can book slots for Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

– On Thursdays, you can book slots for the start of the following week i.e Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

You’ll always get a notification letting you know that you can choose your slots, so we recommend that you don’t keep the Glover app open to make sure the notification appears properly.

The calendar is opened up to those couriers with the highest Excellence Scores first.

Remember that if you’re a new courier, you won’t have an Excellence Score until you’ve delivered 50 orders. Whilst you’re delivering orders your Excellence Score will be calculated, but won’t come into effect. That is to say, you will have access to the slots at the same time as average Glovers in your city. Once you’ve reached 50 orders, your Excellence Score will come into effect. You will be able to see your score on your profile on the app, and you’ll have access to slots according to your Excellence.

You’re free to reserve your collaboration slots in the Calendar section of the Glover app. The slots that appear in white are those that are available, whilst the ones in grey are the ones that are already full. Just click on the available slots in which you want to collaborate and they will turn green, indicating that you’ve reserved them properly. (Take into account that the slots marked with a padlock can’t be deselected)

How to remove slots

You can deselect a slot you have reserved at any time, but remember that once you’ve reserved a slot with a padlock you won’t be able to deselect it. If you can’t collaborate during these slots for a reason that’s beyond your control turn off auto-assignment from your profile page, this will ensure you do not receive any order.