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How do bundled orders work?

At Glovo, we work every day to improve the experience of all the users that are connected to the app (couriers, partners and customers). That’s why we’ve introduced bundled orders. To increase your efficiency during the slots you’ve reserved and to create more intelligent distribution in the city. That’s to say, you have the opportunity to collect two orders from the same partner and deliver them to two different customers.

How do earnings for bundled orders work?

Remember that payment for distance takes into account the kms you cover from the moment that you receive the bundled order until the moment you deliver the second order. Total waiting time will be taken into account, up until you’ve picked up both orders.

As you can see, delivering a bundled order means you get extra!

What’s the process of a bundled order?


1. You receive a bundled order via the app. 


You might receive a bundled order in two different ways:

a. You receive the two bundled orders from the beginning.

b. You receive an individual order, and whilst you’re on your way to the partner, it turns into a bundled order. In that case, you’ll receive a notification letting you know.

Careful! A bundled order can’t be reassigned individually. That means you’ll have complete the two orders. 


2. You arrive at the partner to pick up the orders:

Remember to pick up the two orders and upload the correct photos of the receipts (the name of the customer and the order number should match the receipt). Don’t worry about the weight! The app guarantees that the bundled order that you receive is within a certain limit so that you can carry it in your backpack without any problems.

If the staff inform you that the second-order will be ready after 10 minutes, we recommend you contact Support. They will review the order and unbundle it if necessary. 

3. You get to the first delivery point:

Head to the first delivery point shown on the app and make sure you hand over the correct order. To increase efficiency, the delivery address for the first order will always be on the way to the second address.

If the first customer isn’t there or you realize you’ve left an order with the Partner, contact Support so that they can help you.

4. You get to the second delivery point:

If the customer asks you about bundled orders, you can tell them to contact the Support chat for more information.

Careful! Either of the two orders could be canceled at any moment. In that case, you’ll receive a notification letting you know about the cancellation of one of the orders. The other order will remain in place either way.