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Liability to third parties

During the entire duration of the order, the insurance company covers the user of the Platform for the exercise of its activity for material and bodily damages caused to third parties.
In case of using motorcycle / car, damages to third parties must be covered by the compulsory insurance of the vehicle owned by the driver.
In the case of causing any damage to a third party, while collaborating through the Platform, we recommend that you request the contact details of the person affected so that the insurance can act correctly.

Goods transported

If the order is damaged during transport when the courier is not negligent, or due to an accident, it will be covered for the user in accordance with the specific conditions of the merchandise policy offered by the insurance company.

Personal accidents

Throughout the duration of the order, the insurance company covers the courier for bodily harm that may be suffered according to the specific coverage of the policy.


We present the new coverage of the accident policy that you already have at your disposal through the Platform. These are some of the guarantees that the accident policy offers you for the use of the Platform:

  • Disability
  • Compensation depending on the type of injury (sprain, fracture …) (up to a limit)
  • Daily compensation from the eighth day in case of temporary disability diagnosed by medical report.
  • Reimbursement in medical expenses (up to a limit).
  • In case of hospitalization of more than 7 days, financial aid for the displacement of a relative (presence of a companion).
  • Compensation for orphanhood in case of death of the collaborator.
  • Funeral expenses for accidents (up to a limit).

These are some assumptions excluded by the policy:

  • Accidents prior to the effective date of the policy.
  • Any accident or self-injury intentionally caused by the insured.
  • Myocardial infarction.
  • Any accident occurred when you are not collaborating with the platform.

Remember that insurance covers you in the event of an accident while you are using the platform. In that case, you must fill out the following form to report it to the insurance company and once completed, the insurance company will contact you to proceed with the following steps. In accordance with the above, remember that you must provide medical documentation supporting the injury or disability.

Claim the insurance